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Today’s Industries are more competitive then ever. That competitiveness or rivalry between markets and owners is why Axis Mechanical Group has the best industrial alignment services in the world. We use the most advanced technology and industry specific knowledge to align your rotating or plant equipment better then OEM specification. Advanced techniques in real time thermal growth analysis solidify our expertise. No one does plant equipment alignment services better then Axis Mechanical Group in Houston, Texas.

Check out our Metrology Department to explore Thermal Alignments.

Rotating Equipment Alignment Service Types In All Industries:


Typical Plant Equipment To Align:

Motors to Pumps
Motors to Fans
Motors to Process Equipment
Turbines to Generators
Gearboxes to/from Prime movers
Complete Power Generation Trains

Benefits Of Superior Industrial Alignment Services Through AMG:

Increased Longevity & Reduced Wear
Superior Return on Investment & Maintenance Cost
Less Down Time
Increased Safety and Less Vibration
Better Output & Efficiency


AMG’s combination of experienced professionals and the latest technology ensures the safest and highest quality work making us the reliable choice. At AMG, we know one key factor to a seamless execution of any petrochemical turnaround starts with project planning.

24-hour Emergency Service
Commitment to a safe work force and job site
Trained and certified Millwrights, Foremen, and supervision
Dedication to continued Journeymen training
Groundbreaking apprenticeship and pre-apprentice programs.

Our Industries Served


Our company Axis Mechanical Group is very accustomed to Maintenance, Service, and Long-Term Service Agreements (LTSA).


Today’s Industries are more competitive then ever, this is why Axis Mechanical Group has the best Alignment services in the world.


Axis Mechanical Group is a complete rotating and reciprocating machinery service provider. Our company specializes in Open Clean Inspect Close type inspections (OCIC).

Balance of Plant Maintenance

Regular maintenance intervals through Balance of Plant Maintenance (BoP) is paramount in today’s industries & sectors.

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Axis Mechanical Group, Inc., is a millwright company providing turnkey solutions for installation, maintenance, repair, overhaul, and upgrade of industrial rotating and reciprocating equipment for the petrochemical industry.

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