FARO Vantage Features, Benefits & Specifications

At Axis Mechanical Group, we provide accurate and versatile laser tracking services through the new FARO Laser Tracker Vantage®. This system delivers the most comprehensive laser tracking solution, enabling us to accurately verify align the centerline alignment of any piece of reciprocating or rotating equipment within 0.0006 in. With use of this equipment, we can reduce downtime, provide consistent, accurate, and reportable measurement data to our customers, eliminate expensive scrap, and complete jobs faster. The FARO Track ScanArm is a highly effective long-range and highly accurate 3-D measurement system providing fast high-resolution, 3-D scanning through the implementation of blue laser technology.

3-D Laser Advantage for Machinery Measurements

We use the same technology that was initially developed as part of the “Star Wars” initiative, involving technology to shoot down incoming missiles in space. With the 3D FARO Laser Tracker, we are able to perform highly accurate, large-scale, consistent, and reportable measurements on numerous types of machinery. We also use the technology for internal alignment of turbomachinery with the ability to apply close tolerances, reducing downtime in increasing efficiency. “The FARO Laser Tracker Vantage System is the world‚ most comprehensive laser tracking solution,” said AMG President John Hanks. “This tool provides exact alignment for any piece of rotating or reciprocating equipment (within 0.0006 inches). Large-scale, 3D metrology is now faster and easier than ever before. We can complete jobs faster and reduce downtime, which our customers love.” With the addition of the FARO Track ScanArm, a powerful long-range and highly accurate 3-D measurement system is now available. As Hanks stated, “We are thrilled to have this system, because it is capable of quickly and easily reaching hidden points without any required tooling or the need to establish reference points.”

Additional FARO Laser Tracker Solution Benefits

Some of the additional benefits provided by this laser tracker system include:

  • Industrial grade quality Wi-Fi for reliable, wireless communication
  • Industry leading portability through the integrated master control unit (MCU). It can be transported between locations or job sites in an easy to carry case.
  • Efficient integration with the Super 6 Degrees of Freedom Track ScanArm ‚ a patented solution from FARO that eliminates line-of-sight difficulties
  • No requirement for AC power or cabling due to hot-swappable batteries

To find out more about the FARO Vantage system, call us today at 832.449.6485 complete our contact form, or request a quote.

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