At Axis Mechanical Group, Inc., we have the knowledge and experience necessary to deliver field machining services that produce exceptional results onsite for a wide variety of projects and applications. Plant maintenance services are one of the main services we provide for our customers. Through our experienced and knowledgeable personnel and exceptional capabilities, we provide complete maintenance services to help you maintain your operations at maximum productivity and efficiency.

We are able to help you minimize downtime and control your costs through the implementation of our reliable and tested processes under our industrial plant maintenance and machine repair services.

Plant Maintenance Services

Some of the plant maintenance capabilities we offer include project management, subcontractor management, preventative maintenance, emergency repairs, mechanical services, equipment maintenance and assembly, planned outages, controls and instrumentation, welding, shoring and scaffolding, and structural steel replacement.

Our plant maintenance professionals can maintain equipment and systems that include HVAC, roofing and siding, and material handling.

The various industries that can benefit from the industrial plant maintenance services we offer include construction, automotive, chemical and food processing, steel and foundry, in general manufacturing.

The plant maintenance services we offer include a wide range of capabilities. In conjunction with the subcontractors we utilize, we are able to provide maintenance services for fire protection, roofing, concrete, process piping, and electrical requirements.

Machining Repair Services Onsite

It is often not feasible to remove large pieces of equipment and machinery from a facility when they require repair. This is why we provide onsite field equipment repair solutions to ensure your operations are not unnecessarily interrupted.

Our field service machining professionals are able to provide their exceptional know-how, resources, and experience with the use of portable milling machine equipment to deliver the repairs and maintenance you require onsite. These repair and maintenance services are geared to keep your operational downtime to a minimum.

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At Axis Mechanical Group, Inc. we have your industrial plant maintenance and machine repair requirements covered. To learn how we can serve your petrochemical project requirements, give us a call today at 832.449.6485, complete our contact form, or request a quote.

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