Laser Tracking Services With The New FARO Laser Tracker Vantage

Laser Tracking Services With the New FARO Laser Tracker Vantage

At Axis Mechanical Group, we deliver highly accurate and versatile laser tracking capabilities as part of our FARO Laser Tracker Vantage® system. This laser tracking system enables us to verify the centerline alignment of any piece of reciprocating or rotating equipment to a 0.0006 inch degree of precision.

The Vantage Tracker system provides consistent, accurate, and reportable data while helping to complete jobs faster, reduce the cost of scrap, and minimize downtime for customers.

As a highly effective and accurate long-range 3D measurement system, the FARO Track ScanArm delivers fast, high-resolution 3D scanning through the use of blue laser technology.

3D Laser Benefits for Machinery Measurements

The technology that powered the “Star Wars” program is the same technology upon which the 3D FARO Laser Tracker is based. The Star Wars program involved the development of technology to intercept and shoot down incoming intercontinental ballistic missiles in outer space. This technology now enables the taking of large-scale, dependable, reportable measurements of various types of machines. This Vantage Tracker technology may also be used for the internal alignment of turbomachinery, delivering enhanced efficiency, meeting close tolerances, and minimizing downtime.

This system is the most thorough laser tracking system in use that takes advantage of large-scale 3D technology and promotes the fulfillment of jobs at a much faster pace, providing significant benefits to consumers.

The FARO ScanArm enables long-range and highly accurate 3D measurements. This system allows for quick and easy access to hidden points without the need to use tooling or establish reference points.

Additional FARO Laser Tracker Solution Benefits

Other benefits provided by the FARO laser tracker system include:

  • Efficient integration through the 6 Degrees of Freedom Track ScanArm, eliminating difficulties related to line-of-sight.
  • Reliable wireless communication through industrial grade quality Wi-Fi.
  • Industry-leading portability through the use of an Integrated Mastered control (MCU), which can be transferred between locations or job sites within an easy-to-transport case.

For more information about the FARO Laser Vantage Tracker system described above, call us today at 832.449.6485, complete our contact form, or request a quote.

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