What is a Millwright Machinist?

Industrial machines and equipment are commonly located and used in power plants, factories, and other industrial facilities. These industrial centers often operate with heavy, complex, and large sized machinery. A millwright is an individual who provides installation, maintenance, and servicing for these types of machinery and equipment. They are responsible for ensuring proper machine and system operation that governs the activities and workflow inside of a facility. At Axis Mechanical Group, Inc., we apply our extensive knowledge and experience to deliver high-quality millwright field machining services to help you achieve successful results.

Millwright Services and Proficiencies

Millwrights are required to have exceptional training and skills to perform the tasks they carry out in industrial facilities. They receive a four-year apprenticeship in addition to a certified training program in school and also pass a trade qualifications exam to obtain full certification. After certification, millwrights are expected to have the proficiency required to deliver the following types of services: • Reading and reviewing blueprints and diagrams to determine proper procedures to follow • The overhaul installation of different types of industrial machinery and equipment • Machinery inspection and repair or replacement of faulty equipment parts • The assembly of machinery and equipment for various types of hand and power tools • Equipment lubrication, repair, and cleaning of seals • Operating hoisting and lifting positioning equipment and other devices properly during operational setup

Machinists Who are Millwrights

The distinctions between the tasks performed by a millwright and an industrial machinery mechanic depend on the scope of the work involved. Both work extensively with heavy equipment and machinery. Millwrights, however, focus on a broader array of requirements such as maintenance, repair, transportation, and construction. Industrial machinery mechanics focus more narrowly on the maintenance and repair of equipment. Both titles are often used for the other. In addition, many times, the work requirements of both positions overlap, including the installation, repair, and maintenance of heavy machinery, equipment inspection, and the use of power tools. In a general sense, machinists perform machine manufacturing tasks and millwrights carry out the maintenance and installation procedures for these machines. Millwrights tear down and rebuild various types of equipment. On the other hand, machinists focus on manufacturing equipment components. However, a millwright machinist may possess many capabilities of both. If you need a dependable provider of millwright services for your petrochemical industry requirements, call us today at 832.449.6485, complete our contact form, or request a quote.

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