What is a Millwright Service? What Jobs Can a Millwright Do?

What is a Millwright Service? What Jobs Can a Millwright Do?

The term “Millwright” harks back to an era when water and windmills were used to manufacture products such as paper, flour, and other items. In a number of ways, the industrialized machinery we use today is the modern counterpart to the old mills of the past. In those days, millwrights were the individuals who managed the construction, operation, and repair activities within these mills. Today, many modern types of equipment and machinery have replaced the function of mills. However, the same name is used to refer to the individuals who oversee and carry out this type of work.

Our Millwright Services

At Axis Mechanical Group, Inc., we provide an extensive range of superb solutions within the petrochemical industry. We offer turnkey industrial millwright services for the upgrade, maintenance, repair, installation, and overhaul of reciprocating rotating machinery and associated components, including compressors, gearboxes, steam turbines, generators, industrial engines, and other equipment. Specifically, millwrights perform the following work:

  • Provide routine maintenance and repair work for industrial equipment and machinery
  • Install and assemble specialized equipment and machines for industrial applications according to designs, blueprints, and operation and installation manuals
  • Dismantle and replace old equipment and machinery with updated and newer models as required
  • Use specialized tools (i.e. presses, hydraulic bolters, arc welders, and cranes) to repair, disassemble, assemble industrial machinery
  • Install and program specialized equipment and robots for use on assembly lines
  • Adhere to safety regulations and procedures in order to prevent hazards and accidents from occurring

As a premier leader among millwright and field machining companies, we offer an extensive range of services in the petrochemical field to help you achieve your plant maintenance and other goals. Our team has the resources, know-how, and experience to provide you with the millwright services you need in terms of maintenance, repair, and installation. You can trust our experience and extensive capabilities to help you maintain and enhance your operations.

Contact Us

To find out more about how we can provide you with the millwright services you need for your petrochemical industrial requirements, give us a call today at 832.449.6485, complete our contact form, or request a quote.

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