3 Important Benefits of Using a Millwright Service

At Axis Mechanical Group, Inc., we deliver industrial turnkey millwright services for repair, installation, upgrade, overhaul, and maintenance of industrial reciprocating rotating machinery. An experienced millwright can provide you and your company with many benefits, including the ones described below.

Repair & Maintain Special Heavy Rotating Machinery

If you require a large piece of heavy rotating or reciprocating equipment, such as a turbine or compressor, for your upcoming project and do not have the professional expertise on your staff to install or repair the rotating equipment then your project may suffer a setback while you attempt to get someone trained in the tasks required. However, a skilled millwright service can provide you with one or more professionals who are qualified to perform the necessary work in accordance with required regulations and codes. This is a special advantage that millwrights provide when it comes to working with special heavy rotating and reciprocating machinery.

Temporary Contractors as Opposed to Full-Time Workers

In addition to providing specialized equipment services as mentioned above, a millwright company can also provide you with additional regular support workers if you are short on staff during a particular week or outage. These professionals can help you with various projects and ensure that you have sufficient workers on site as quick as possible. Bringing these professionals onto your project site can negate the need to hire other full-time or part-time employees that you need to place on your payroll.

Avoid Additional Insurance Issues

Heavy industrial and construction companies carry various types of insurance in order to protect their employees and business. With each new hire, you may be required to cover that individual with an insurance policy. However, when you contract millwright services, the millwright company handles the payment of the millwright professional as well as his or her insurance coverage. This keeps your company free from having to deal with any issues related to insurance with a millwright worker if the worker suffers an injury on site. If you need a dependable source of millwright services for your petrochemical industry needs, call us today at 832.449.6485, complete our contact form, or request a quote.

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