What Is Laser Tracking? How Do Laser Tracking Systems Work?

There are certain benefits to using 3D metrology for laser tracking technology. This type of innovative technology provides more efficient and accurate alignment, creating a more effective, and precise alignment of the compressor, pump, gearbox or turbine. There are traditional ways of handling alignment but The FARO Tracker Vantage System is one we use at Axis Mechanical Group. This technology is more cost effective, and accurate. It saves you time because we don’t have to continually pull the mandrel in and out. The FARO Laser Tracker takes all the readings at once.

What Does It Do and Offer to Your Organization?

The use of any laser tracking system can be beneficial. The FARO Tracker Vantage System provides the world’s most complete laser tracking solution allowing Axis Mechanical Group to accurately (within 0.0006″) align and verify the centerline alignment of any piece of rotating or reciprocating equipment. That is an incredible level of accuracy when it matters most. It also works to verify the centerline alignment in every situation which ensures every piece of rotating or reciprocating equipment is precise.

What Are the Benefits of Using It?

These systems work using a wide range of the most advanced technology including high accuracy 3D measurement lasers. When used, they can create key benefits to maintenance and reliability, including improving efficiency to operations. They can handle large scale projects faster and can ensure the very best level of finished result in every case. Most importantly to companies, they reduce the risk that your organization is going to start back up with machinery or equipment that is out of alignment, costing you money in the long term. Could this laser tracking system help you within your organization? Many companies are finding this to be one of the best investments they can make, yet they are not sure of the steps to take. Contact Axis Mechanical Group to learn more about all of your options and to learn about how we can help you.

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