What is a Millwright Machinist?

Machines are highly common in factories, power plants, and other industrial centers. These facilities hold complex, heavy, and large machines in many cases. The job of a Millwright is to provide maintenance, installation, and operational services for this type of complex equipment. They are tasked with ensuring the proper operation of every system machine involved in the daily activities within an industry. At Axis Mechanical Group, Inc., we provide millwright field machining services through our extensive experience and knowledge to help you achieve outstanding results for your applications.

Millwright Skills and Capabilities

Millwrights are required to be highly trained and skilled. They obtain a four-year apprenticeship along with the certified in-school training program and pass a trade qualifications exam to achieve full certification for work. After being certified, millwrights are expected to have the capabilities to provide various types of services, including: • The installation and overhaul of various types of industrial equipment • Reading diagrams and blueprints to evaluate the correct procedures to follow • Assembling equipment and machinery using various types of power and hand tools • Inspecting machinery for issues and replacing or repairing defective parts of equipment • Operating lifting and hoisting devices and positioning equipment correctly during set up operations

Millwright Machinists

Scope of the work involved often dictates the difference between the work of the industrial machinery mechanic versus a millwright. Both individuals work with heavy machinery extensively. However, millwrights often have a broader focus. They implement repair, maintenance, construction, and transportation services, while industrial machinery mechanics deal with repair and maintenance of equipment exclusively. Often the two titles are interchangeable and the duties crossover, including repairing, installing and maintaining heavy machinery, inspecting equipment, and operating power tools. Generally speaking, machinists manufactured machine and millwrights perform the installation and maintenance procedures for the machine. Millwrights perform rebuilds and teardowns on many types of equipment, while machinists manufacture equipment parts. However, a millwright machinist can have capabilities that cover both areas. If you need a reliable source of millwright service capabilities for your particular petrochemical industry requirements, give us a call today at 832.449.6485, complete our contact form, or request a quote.

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