Precision On-site Field Machining & Measurement Services for the Petro-chemical Industry

At Axis Mechanical Group, Inc., we provide machining services in the field empowered by our exceptional knowledge and experience to deliver outstanding on-site results for your projects and applications. Our highly adept team provides quick response to various machining requirements on an emergency basis through the aid of state-of-the-art equipment that delivers solutions to vital machining issues. At the same time, we also help reduce your maintenance costs and downtime. Our talented group which includes a wide-ranging team of field machinists, technical reps, custom machine tool design engineers, and project managers cooperate closely to provide effective solutions you need for your on-site machining and refurbishment requirements.

Our Field Machining Services

At Axis Mechanical Group, Inc., we provide an extensive range of machining and on-site measurement services. Our field machining professionals are able to serve you with the following:

  • Drilling/ Doweling
  • Line Boring
  • Milling
  • Base plate machining
  • Clamshell Portable Lathe
  • Portable Flange Facing Machine Rental
  • Portable Pipe Cutting Machine Rental
  • Industrial Drill Rental
  • Valve Reseating
  • Field Machining Rental
  • Spade Drilling
  • Flange Facing Equipment Rental
  • Heavy Duty Drill Rental
  • Stud Removal
  • Portable Line Boring Machine Rental
  • Hole Boring
  • Field Machining Equipment Rental
  • Stress Relieving Equipment Rental
  • Shaft Lathe Rental

Machining Services On-site

For many industries, taking large pieces of equipment out of the facility when they need repair is simply not feasible. For this reason, our team offers convenient on-site field machining solutions to help you keep your equipment operating properly and efficiently. Our field machinists apply their exceptional knowledge to the use of our portable milling machines to provide you with the repairs you need without the need to ship. Our field machining professionals are highly trained and able to fulfill your repair or maintenance requirements on-site and keep your downtime to a minimum. We offer portable milling machine rental services to help you achieve your machining requirements with accuracy and precision. At Axis Mechanical Group, Inc., we are here to serve your petrochemical measurement and on-site field machining requirements. To learn how we can apply our field machining services to your petrochemical industry project replication, calls us today at 832.449.6485, use our contact form, or request a quote.

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