What Is Line Boring an Engine? What Is a Line Boring Machine Used For?

What is Line Boring an Engine?

Line boring is a very important task, but it is also one that takes the right equipment and the right talent. In many situations, these are simple applications, but in others, they can be very complex requiring a special level of skill. This is especially true in situations where custom solutions are necessary. Consider a few key aspects of this process.

Line boring, which can also be called align boring, is a term used to describe an engine machining process. The task involved here is to create perfectly straight and aligned bores. These are used for the camshaft housing, which is also known as the saddles and tunnels, as well as the crankshaft. When it comes to any of the steps in this process, line boring is perhaps the most essential step in the entire blueprinting process for an engine block.

What Is a Line Boring Machine Used For?

The use of a line boring machine is very specific. It is designed to enlarge a hole that is already in place, usually from previous casting and drilling. This is one of the tools used to cut into the component. There are various cutting tools that can be used within the machine to create this outcome. These are done using a boring head. With the right tools, it is possible to create a very accurate and precise finished product. The hole diameter is enlarged, and there is ample accuracy. Do you need help with line boring? Do you want to learn more about how it may work to meet your needs? If so, allow our team at Axis Mechanical Group to provide you with specific solutions to solve your problems. Call us today to learn more.

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